Pregnancy Test!


Yeah, it’s a stick I peed on. Take that, internet!

This was a real shocker for me. I didn’t think I was really pregnant, for several reasons, and was embarrassed about even buying the test. I had gotten off work and waited outside Rite-Aid for ten minutes for them to open, then I got back where we were house-sitting and told A. I was taking the test and went in the bathroom…the line darkened IMMEDIATELY. I couldn’t get out of that bathroom fast enough, and A. saw me and said, “You’re pregnant.” We were kind of in shock. It took a few months — and the second test out of the box — to believe it was real!

At the same time, I had just turned 31 and we had just made a deal to buy a house, so I got a house and a baby for my birthday. A little more than I bargained for! And I had just started my new job. I guess that’s how life goes. Maybe someday I’ll be bored again, but it might not be for another 18 years or so…

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