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May 2017, Sam at 11 Months Old

I am sooooooo behind! Ugh! It’s almost August and I’m writing about May. Well, here goes! Sam started the month out ON THE MOVE! Lots of crawling and climbing. A.’s parents visited and we went to the zoo! And scoped out venues for Ari’s birthday party. Here are some pictures from Brooklyn Park. Later, Sam… Continue reading May 2017, Sam at 11 Months Old

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August 2015 – Ari at 26 Months Old

I started this month with some good intentions for cooking at home! We’ve had a couple of Costco trips recently and always feel like we spend too much money there, and this last time I wanted to be sure to use all the food we bought. And I want us to eat more healthy food.… Continue reading August 2015 – Ari at 26 Months Old