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Week 39 (Part Two)


Actually, here’s a truer version:


I want to go into labor so bad! Maybe it’s happening…I don’t want to get into TMI but since I finished my last shift last night I’ve been very uncomfortable…in some new ways…so I’m hopeful! Also I’ve had a panicky meltdown and a couple of laughing fits…hormones? And one of my patients last night (who I had had the previous night, too) said, “You’re not going to have the baby tonight, are you? Because you look different than you did this morning.” Then my coworker said my belly is lower. But nothing is happening to make me think I need to go to the hospital yet.

I’ve been reading lots of birth stories online and everyone’s labor seems to start so differently. A. asked me how we’ll know when it’s the real thing since I’ve been having so many contractions the past few weeks, and I told him that my coworkers all say, “oh, you’ll know!” Then I mentioned that to one of them a couple of days ago and she said, “I didn’t!” and told me that she thought her contractions were too mild to be the real thing but her sister convinced her to time then and the timing fit with when they tell you to go to the hospital so she went, and she was 8 cm dilated and had the baby two hours later. Sigh.

Here are a couple of other shots of being 39 weeks pregnant.

Mmm, coconut bars…



Possibly our last child-free evening at Jan and Pat’s — the dogs always kick us off the couch with their roughhousing. It’s going to be interesting with a baby!


Some friends who just had a baby sent us these swaddle blankets, saying they love them and use them for lots of different things, which is good to know!


My coworkers put together a potluck for my last night at work, which was so nice since most of them had worked the previous night, as well, and it’s hard to get up and get food ready in between 12-hour night shifts. It was really weird leaving in the morning; it felt like leaving for summer vacation. I’m feeling guilty about it but they told me to rest and sleep while I still can. Here are some nice gifts from them; I love the cute colors and giraffes!


Our garden continues to grow! A. says we need to thin this lettuce:


The zucchini seems happy:


I go to work for two nights and all of a sudden we have beans:



More tomatoes; these are cherry tomatoes:


The whole raised bed, getting crowded:


Blueberries — one of the plants still needs a home:



Whatever these are, they’re blooming all of a sudden:


One thought on “Week 39 (Part Two)

  1. Gemini’s horoscope today says, ” …Your big smile is a beacon to others today, and you are having too much fun to rest. Your mental and social energies are in perfect sync, and someone new and cool shows up at just the right time”.

    Sounds like a good day for him to come out and play!

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