Ari’s First Christmas

Look at this grown-up little boy in his overalls! He’s so cute.

DSC05919 DSC05929

He likes books!


Here he is in his Christmas outfit from his great aunt and uncle in D.C.:

DSC05999 DSC06021 DSC06028 DSC06031 DSC06038 DSC06041 DSC06046 DSC06048 DSC06049 DSC06052 DSC06055

We put up these flags that A.’s brother’s wife made for their wedding and then gave us for Ari’s bedroom. They’re so cheerful! Ari’s room is looking very nice.

DSC06065 DSC06066 DSC06067 DSC06068 DSC06069 DSC06070 DSC06071

My mom did a nice job decorating our Christmas tree! One section of lights burnt out though.

DSC06074 DSC06079

Andrew got lots of presents because he’s been on sort of an enforced rest to heal his limp, so he needs things to keep him entertained inside.

DSC06077 DSC06088 DSC06090

We only gave Ari a few things, since he doesn’t really care yet.


He liked this clove-favored candy cane! It was too strong for me!

DSC06111 DSC06112 DSC06116

Christmas was a pretty sleepy day for me. I was off the night before but was still awake most of the night, and I worked Christmas night so I had to sleep part of the day anyway. Ari and I slept in in the morning while A. had dim sum with a friend, then we opened presents, ate cookies, and had a nice walk.

DSC06136 DSC06149

The day after Christmas, we drove up to visit my parents and brother and grandma (and my aunt and uncle and cousins came up to visit, too!). We brought some jars of baby food (I don’t even cook for myself! Making baby food isn’t really happening…) and Ari tried pears with his grandma:

DSC06178 DSC06181

He spent some time boogie-ing on the floor:

DSC06245 DSC06246

And standing up!


This was taken on Christmas Eve:

DSC05961 28.5 weeks New Year

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