Ikea Home Office Organization – Plus Living, Dining, and Entry Areas

We did a lot of work on our office a while ago and I keep meaning to post about it but it never feels finished and perfect! I’ve decided it’s pretty much as good as it’s going to get now so I took some pictures. We decided to share a desk instead of continuing to sit with our backs to each other from opposite sides of the room. A. likes to use a standing height desk but we added a chair for me (but without the chair, it’s great for using the computer and babywearing at the same time!). We purchased the desktop and adjustable legs at Ikea, along with the Expedit shelves and various bins, boxes, and drawers inside them. Underneath the desk is our shredder, a garbage can, and a big recycling bin that is also from Ikea. (If I were a really good blogger I would have links to all the different Ikea pieces, but by now I’ve totally lost track of my list of what we bought!)


Dog toys on the bottom left and an “Ikea hack” filing cabinet on the bottom right. I believe that now Ikea has finally made a filing bin that fits the Expedit, though.

DSC09016 DSC09021

Ari demonstrating his bookshelf…recycling bins far left. Sometimes we put the dog’s bowls on the green rug, but not when Ari is up.


The daybed is a Craigslist purchase that perfectly fits the space! That’s where my old “desk” (a small table) was.


Our table isn’t always this clean so I had to photograph it…


Another Ikea Expedit, holding hats, gloves, shoes, etc.


Work bags, breast pump, dog towel…


Ari likes to move his books to the floor:


A new jute rug to help with the muddy paws:

DSC09033 DSC09035

Our white board with Ari’s daily routine (ha!), recycling and compost rules, and shopping lists:


I’m proud of our efforts; it really is getting better in here! Sometimes I have to remind myself of that. 🙂

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