Week 20 – Halfway There!


Isn’t this a beautiful picture? I love the colors. Jan had to edit out oil stains on the street that looked like they were coming out of my butt. Good eye, Jan!

That green sweater is a favorite maternity top of mine, and it was really cheap. It’s fun having new clothes! I thought I would try not to buy anything for maternity but it turns out there are good deals out there and it just makes the pregnancy more enjoyable for me. I like showing off my belly and looking as good as I can in this different shape.

This is a good time in the pregnancy, too. Not being sick anymore but not being too huge and tired yet, either. It’s starting to fly by! I don’t look at the online “what your baby is doing this week” stuff as much anymore, partly because now the major stuff has developed and the only thing that seems to change from week to week is how big they say he is.

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