Week 19 – It’s a…

jessica19weeksfirsttry 19weekultrasound

Okay, everyone in my life knows this by now, but…it’s a boy! I was not surprised for some reason, even though I kept imagining having a girl. After finding out, my grandma said she knew it was a boy from the way I’m carrying. Hmm. I think it’s a good thing I’m having a boy, because I kind of wanted a girl to live out my perfect girl life fantasies and a boy just won’t have that crap put on him! Except maybe by his dad. I babysat so many wonderful boys, too. And why would I want to fight with a teenage girl someday? With a boy, though, I worry more about him doing stupid stuff, especially when he starts driving. Even the most responsible, cautious guys I know were into things like racing each other on two-lane highways with lots of curves and steep drop-offs. Oh, joy!

My parents got to attend the ultrasound, which was fun! Everything was normal except they never saw the stomach empty and wanted me to return in three weeks to look for that. I ended up deciding not to because I think I pay like $80 for the ultrasounds, I’m somewhat concerned about possible risks of too many ultrasounds, and I haven’t been able to figure out what sort of problem they’re actually concerned about and it sounds like there’s nothing that would be done before the birth if there is a problem, anyway. Also from what I’ve read it sounds like it might have been too early to necessarily see stomach emptying in the amount of time we were there. At my next prenatal visit, the midwife said she’d never seen that comment on an ultrasound report before and didn’t have any advice either way. So I’m just not going to worry about it! But I do wish I had asked more questions when I was there with the perinatologist who told me to go back. Live and learn…

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