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Weeks 15-18 and Andrew


So, there’s no 15 Weeks picture because we were busy with moving that week and Jan was busy with Christmas. And there’s no 18 Weeks picture because it was just a busy week and my aunts came to visit (yay!). But I love 16 and 17!

These were busy but fun weeks with the new puppy and moving into the new house and lots of visitors! Our bathroom floor got tiled and I had several days of trying to sleep in between work shifts, take the puppy out every few hours, and be helpful to the guys working on the floor (in the bathroom right next to the head of our bed!). Also, it was freezing cold, which made it not fun to stand outside with the puppy, but at least it was dry and not muddy.

Andrew arrived on the van from Texas with the Northwest Great Pyrenees Rescue in between Christmas and New Year’s. We went to meet him when he got there and of course we fell in love. He was super wiggly and excited to meet everybody. They thought he was 4 months old and possibly a Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mix, and he was still just under 20 pounds, so we thought he probably wouldn’t turn out that big. He stayed with a foster family for a few days while we got our house straightened up and they sent us updates about how cute he was and how well he was doing with crate training. Then A. went with some friends to pick him up on New Year’s Eve while I was working. I got off work early and got home at 4am to a puppy and a pile of poop in the crate in our living room. I said hi to him, cleaned him up, and put him on the bed with A. while I cleaned up the crate — and that was how he started sleeping on the bed!

Also I got a new camera and a wide angle lens and had some fun taking goofy close-up pictures with it. 🙂


All the dogs arrived in the transport van with cute bandanas!


The second trimester of pregnancy has been great! Right away I started feeling like myself again and almost totally forgot how bad I had felt. Now I see how people have multiple children! I started having more energy and a harder time napping before work, and food tasted good again, and I stopped dry heaving and throwing up. At first I only got sick if I let myself get too hungry, then it stopped altogether. I haven’t been having heartburn or night sweats or the other annoying symptoms anymore either. Lucky me! I’m sure pretty soon I’ll be whining about back pain though.

Also, I started feeling the baby move — little flutters and the feeling of being tickled from the inside. I think I was feeling it as early as 13 or 14 weeks, actually. Now I can’t wait until A. can feel it too, from the outside! I also finally started to look pregnant. I’d been wearing maternity pants since about 12 weeks because my others were pretty tight on my belly to begin with…but then I needed longer shirts to cover the spandex portion of the pants! Fortunately Lynn and Fern came and took me shopping when I was at 18 weeks!

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