Week 24

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Where does the time go? Weeks 22 and 23 were pretty busy. I had been dog sitting for my parents and went up to Port Townsend to take Luna back to them. Andrew had his first big car trip and he did great! I got to see my grandma and some good friends, but I tried to pack too much into a one-night trip and didn’t get to see everyone I meant to. On the way back, I stopped for visits with my old coworkers, which was fun. Some of them met me for a Thai lunch and then I went in the hospital to see everyone who was working. They all act so excited about my pregnancy; it’s really sweet. Especially considering that it seems like everyone there is pregnant, and it must be getting old!

I’ve started feeling a lot more dramatic movement from our little guy. It’s such a weird sensation, not knowing when or where I’m about to be kicked inside! I can finally feel the movements with my hands on the outside of my belly, and A. has been able to feel one too. I’m always telling him to put his hand somewhere and then the baby stops moving. Anyway, I actually felt a foot or something on my hand while Jan was taking the heart picture! And the other night we were watching a movie and I had my hand on my belly and something very distinct poked out and slid across it. I just about threw up! It really startled me. Other times it’s just like my whole belly or a big section of it jumps. I’ve been able to see it happening, too. I feel things all over: down low, up under my ribs, and on both sides. I don’t know whether he’s swimming around or just reaching everywhere. Hopefully he ends up in the right position! I can’t imagine spending months hanging out upside down, though. That sounds very uncomfortable.

I just saw a picture online that was supposed to show Kate Middleton’s “baby bump” and I did NOT see a bump! She was wearing a loose shirt, but still. I think she’s just a couple weeks behind me and you can’t even tell she’s pregnant except for maybe a little more chubbiness in her face! I like following her because I’m excited about everyone who’s due around the same time. When she was hospitalized with morning sickness and then had to dress up to appear in public, I definitely felt for her. It’s fun for A.’s mom, too, because she remembers when A. and Prince William both started kindergarten.

I joined a SE Portland new and expectant parents meet-up group and am going to an expectant moms dessert thing at the Pied Cow at the end of the month. I think three out of the four of us are due in June – fun! I think for most of them it’s their second, too, so I can hear about what I’m in for. Like, everyone can laugh at me for thinking I’m going to a wedding in Canada 11 days after the due date. Sigh… But I’m determined to go!

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