Our House – First Post

We bought our house in October, right around when I turned 31 and we found out I was pregnant. The location was perfect and the house seemed to have been pretty well maintained. Here are some pictures of how it looked at that time. It was cozy and lived-in but not in an updated style, so there weren’t any competing offers after the open house!


This was the entry area inside the front door.


Here you can see the front door and that end of the living area.


This is taken from the corner between the fireplace and the front door. Through the arch is the dining area.


This shows the dining area, looking into the living room, with the people blurred out.


The kitchen is just beyond the dining area. It has a door to the backyard.


Only one bathroom! I think people bathed less in the 1920s…


Wood floors under the carpet! Sold!

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