Week 25


I’m getting close to the third trimester and starting to feel uncomfortable at times…and more like my stomach gets in the way of things. I get a lot of comments from strangers. It’s funny that A. and I are both expecting a baby in just over 3 months, but I end up talking about it a lot more, and with a lot more people, because he doesn’t get asked about it all the time!

As I’m starting to feel like I want to slow down physically, the weather is getting nicer and Andrew is getting bigger and needing more exercise. Actually, the day the photo was taken I had gone outside and it was so beautiful and warm, and the grass was looking so long, I decided I had to do some mowing. So I hauled our old-fashioned push mower up from the carport and mowed all the grass! It’s a workout with that push mower. I was very proud of myself. We’re always lazy about maintenance stuff but now we’re homeowners and trying to be better at it. It felt good to be outside getting some exercise. Then I walked Andrew to a rice bowl place for a healthy lunch.

I have to be better about what I’m eating because I had my glucose tolerance test and was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Good thing I got to eat all those discount Valentine’s hearts before they cut me off… They’re supposed to have a dietitian call me and I’ll probably have to track my blood sugars. I already have a testing kit. I shouldn’t need any medication if I handle it right, but the diagnosis does mean I’m at a higher risk for having a c-section (from the baby getting too big, I guess) and for developing type II diabetes in 10 or 15 years. The midwife said, “You WILL control it with diet and exercise, and you WILL have a small baby!”

Here’s another, unedited photo by Jan:


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