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Spring in Our Yard – Week 26 and Yardwork

I love doing yard work when it’s our yard! What a difference that makes!

I’ve had a few days off and it’s mostly been pretty sunny and warm. Apparently grass grows quite a bit in a week, so I mowed it again and it was a lot easier this time since it was just a trim.


My mom has been asking about what’s growing or blooming in our yard (really, not that much is blooming), so I took some pictures (A. took some of these, too, because he’s excited about the blossoming tree):






We think these are Camellias…?:


This is the other bush, which is in front of the baby’s room window. It must be a different kind, because it doesn’t look like anything is going to bloom on it. We’ve been talking about thinning it or cutting it down to let more light in that south-facing window, but there are birds in it, and someone told me we’ll probably want to keep the baby’s room dark for naps:


We trimmed the Camellia bush, or whatever it is, today, to let more light into our room. I hope it survives our amateur hacking away at it! We tried to avoid the blossoming branches, but some got cut by accident, so I made use of my vases:


Later today, the light got interesting so we went outside for pictures and a walk:


My husband took this nice picture:


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