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More Baby Gifts!

Several gifts arrived from A.’s parents and his grandma! His mom made sure we got this sweet penguin outfit before they were all gone:


This wolf outfit is adorable, and some of the proceeds go to the Jane Goodall Institute:


Organic bedding and a multipurpose waterproof pad:


A portable changing pad for the diaper bag:


The changing pad that perfectly fits our table:


And the portable crib, so we can visit everybody! It’s a nice, narrow size so it fits next to our bed for the first weeks (or months?). The bassinet has a couple of stages so the baby can be lower down when he’s older, and it can come out to make it a little playpen. It folds up very easily for traveling. I love the gray and yellow and the little dogs!


Andrew and I went to the dog park with Jan and Baker; it was a beautiful day!


Then we had happy hour outside. This is Andrew’s reaction to people walking by:


Hey, here comes someone!


Rub my belly?


Oh well…


Our trees were pretty in the evening light:


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