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Week 31


Wow, my anxiety has been kicking up! I just can’t believe we’ll have a baby in two months. And it could be sooner, what if we get caught unprepared?!? I know, we’ll never be prepared. But that won’t stop me from trying — I’ve been staying up way too late making lots and lots of lists, trying to feel more in control. If I manage to pack everything on my hospital bag list, we’re going to need a large cart and a bellhop. But I know how thin those hospital blankets are! Still, it’s like I think NO ONE is leaving the hospital for 3 days. They’re going to have to let us bring the dog, too. Speaking of, how do you make arrangements for dog care when you don’t know what date you’ll need it?

My body is feeling it more. My legs and feet get really tired at work, and my back hurts more. I’ve also been feeling out of breath. But I sleep well, when I’m not up making lists!

I think I feel the baby changing his position a lot in my belly. A few days ago, the midwife thought his head was down and he was probably in the face up position because the top of my belly was pretty squishy (not a back or a butt). But he’s still moving around, and I feel the contortions! Little hard lumps will pop out and move across my belly, and today a couple of times I’ve felt a bunch of pressure on one side and I looked down and found my belly all distorted, with something large and firm (a head? a butt?) pushing out the top right side of it. I had no idea what it would feel like to have a baby in there, so it’s fun finding out. I’m sure they’re all different. I would hardly ever describe what I feel as “kicking” — it’s more like someone’s doing yoga in there. Except for occasional rapid movements that caused me to google about fetuses having seizures. Apparently lots of people on discussion boards have worried about the same thing!

Here is the picture Jan took when I was at 28 weeks, and I stuck the text on there. I’ve gotten a lot of use out of that gray sweater.


I’ve been having fun with the maternity clothes, mostly at the consignment shop. I got this denim skirt when it was warm out, and it’s very comfy with leggings. The maternity pants have started bugging me and not fitting so well.


I’m getting excited about baby clothes, too! I’m still cataloging everything with pictures; it’s all so new and cute. I just had a friend visit and she gave us this adorable sleeper and some nice onesies that I’m sure we’ll use a lot. A. said, “Is he going to be that small?” Also he liked the little feet. I can’t wait to hold our baby dressed up in that soft, cuddly fabric!


A while ago, some friends in Seattle were down here and gave us this nice, super-soft bib:


A.’s brother crotcheted this beautiful hat! My first thought as we were opening it was, “Which one of us is this for? It’s too small for either of us!” Then I remembered we’re having a baby, duh. I’m thinking it will be the perfect size in the winter!


At the consignment store, I got this diaper bag that would have been way too expensive to even think about if I got it new. Score! I love the magnetic closures and the way the bottom one sticks to the top one and holds that pocket open. Also, it converts very cleverly and easily from a shoulder bag to a backpack. It’s a Ju Ju Be “Packabe”.


Also, I don’t think I ever posted the crib from A.’s parents, or the rocking chair that A.’s mom rocked him in. Pretty neat that his son will be rocked in the same one! We got the organic crib mattress at Costco. It has a firm side for infants and a softer side for when they’re older.


This basket right now is holding our collection of baby things. We haven’t found a dresser yet!


Meanwhile, Andrew graduated from basic obedience classes and won this koala toy in a raffle. He’s a good boy!


This pretty bush is blooming next to our front porch; does anyone know what it is?


We’ve also been working on growing some edible things in the yard. Since we’re both so busy — and clueless — we hired someone to help us get a garden going. She and A. put together a raised bed this weekend, and she’s going to come back to make one more. A. and I went to the nursery and got some plants. We had no idea what we were doing, but we got a few kinds of tomatoes and strawberries, some mesclun greens, and some parsley, cilantro, and mint. I’m going to plant the greens and herbs in pots. At first we just had everything in our kitchen:


Here’s the raised bed after their work today, with the tomatoes and strawberries. Since these pictures, a couple more tomato plants and an insulated cover have been added. We also have to put down some straw over the exposed soil. We’re not sure yet about a plan for pest control, or keeping Andrew out of it. While they were working (and I was sleeping), Andrew apparently ate an entire basket that he found in the yard (it was full of dirt and being used as a planter), then puked at least some of it up in the house.


They had to dig out a lot of daylilies and some other flowers to make room. 😦 But it’s a good, sunny spot! In the future, I’m hoping to have raspberries along the back fence, so they left me some room for those.

6 thoughts on “Week 31

  1. I think the bush is an azalea, it looks a lot like one that we have. Cute baby clothes, Jessica!! I like “baby’s first computer monitor” next to the crib. Your lives sure have changed in the last year; the best is yet to come!

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