Week 35 (Part Two)


My due date ticker is finally counting down the days! This is at the very end of Week 35; I really consider myself to be at 36 weeks now. I’m officially 8 months pregnant and in one more week the baby will be considered full term! I wanted a picture of me in one of my two pairs of maternity scrubs and this was taken before I left for work last night. I have 12 more shifts before maternity leave! I get so tired and out of breath even if I’m hardly doing anything. I’m hoping it’ll be better when he “drops” but the midwife said I might not feel that much difference since I don’t have a lot of extra room in there. All night and this morning he’s been kicking up a storm; I like to think he’s trying to shove against my ribs to push himself out, because that’s what it feels like. Most of the time I can see ripples across the top of my belly as he’s wiggling, too. It’s constant!

The midwife said he feels like about a 5-pound baby right now and she guesses he’ll be about 7 pounds. She said that having another ultrasound to check his size is unnecessary, so I canceled it. My blood sugars have been good, anyway. (A different one of the midwives had told me to schedule the ultrasound because I was – barely! – diagnosed with gestational diabetes.)

I’m starting weekly midwife appointments, now, which is exciting. It means we’re close! Our friends have been talking about how they’re not going to see us anymore, which I like to think is not true but maybe it is, partly depending on how much time they want to spend around a baby. I hope A. and I can go play pool at least one more time. I wonder what else we should do while we still can! Ack!

I’ve been trying to “nest” and get everything clean and organized but I get worn out really quickly.

This cute little kimono style shirt for a 3-6–month-old arrived from A.’s brother and soon-to-be sister-in-law! It also has sleeves that can fold over as mittens. I’m sure we’ll get good use out of it in the fall!


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