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More Garden and Gifts, and Puppies

A.’s brother was here this weekend and they completed a few projects, including this planter, so we can plant some more stuff!


Our plants and flowers are growing and blooming!


Baker came over to play! Can you find them in the daylilies?


Time for a rest…


Back at it!


Baker under the fallen plum branch:


Check out Baker’s giant paw!


We went out for Mexican food with the dogs, who mostly laid down nicely together:


Jan found some baby things on craigslist:


Sleepers with foldover mittens:


A nice, light summer blanket:


A hooded towel with cute turtles:


My mom’s good friend Linda sent some darling doggie-themed presents! Thank you, Linda!


I can’t believe how tiny the socks are!


All of a sudden my ankles are swollen, the right more than the left. I’ve had a quick weight gain recently, too. I checked my blood pressure and it was fine, and no headaches or blurry vision or pain or warmth in my legs!


5 thoughts on “More Garden and Gifts, and Puppies

  1. I love all the cute outfits!!! Everyone has been so kind and thoughtful.
    The dogs are getting so big. Andrew has really grown!
    I love your gardens. The pink flowers are peonys, aren’t they?
    Get those puffy feet up and relax, girl!

  2. Your welcome Jessica! Your garden is amazing and it and you and Andrew all look so healthy. Hope the count down on those 12 shifts goes fast! Hope you are resting enough. Love sent to you and A and A and A! Linda

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