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Week 38 (Part 2)


Okay, now I just feel obscene. I mean, gross! I can’t even cover my belly with a maternity shirt. And check out my fat feet, especially the right one:


For my last work shift (that is, most recent – I still have four to go!), I found some lace-up sneakers that I was able to squeeze into, but lacing them up myself was certainly a challenge. The other day, I bought some flip flops at Target so I can leave the house without going barefoot. I took my rings off while I still could. My blood pressure is fine and I can tell it’s fluid, not a clot, causing the swelling, so there’s nothing to worry about.

At least Andrew is looking cute:


Actually, he looks like he only has three legs in those pictures! Funny.

The baby is now the size of, well, a baby! Probably about 7 pounds now. On Monday I’ll be at 39 weeks, technically, and I think I might actually be a few days farther along than that based on what they said about how old he looked in the first ultrasound. I just really want to go into labor. I did some mowing today (it feels good to do it, really) and we went for a walk this evening. During the walk I started having strong cramping and some nausea and it was difficult to talk, but it went away when we sat down. The midwives don’t routinely do dilation checks, so I have no idea if anything’s happening in that regard.

We finally had our rotting plum tree removed. Two out of three of the arborists who looked at it recommended taking out the whole tree and not just the one limb that fell, due to the extent of the rot and concerns that the rest of it would fall on our neighbors. It was very sad to see it all taken down, though, and we lost some privacy and shade. Also, the grass that all the fallen foliage was sitting on totally died. But we have some nice firewood all over the yard!


2 thoughts on “Week 38 (Part 2)

    1. That would be nice! It gets a little water when the garden gets watered, but it rained quite a bit today. At least it doesn’t need mowing now!

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