Week 38


Jan took some beautiful pictures last week and this weekend! And now I’m going to let everyone see my giant belly without being decently covered! I’m happy to have a record of it. 🙂 Sometime this week I plan to post a picture that says “38 weeks” on it, but the week’s not over yet and I don’t want to blemish Jan’s photos. She took some really good ones with A. in them, too, but he doesn’t want to be on here, so no one gets to see how handsome he looked unless we’re Facebook friends or you ask me for a separate link. Anyway, didn’t she do a nice job? These are just a few of my favorites.

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I got the night off work due to low census and I’m pretty happy about it because my feet don’t fit my work shoes now! Also I’m tired, not sleeping so well anymore, and having Braxton Hicks contractions all the time. Now I only have five more scheduled shifts!

With some of the extra time, we got the car seat installed! It was quite an ordeal, with the two of us sitting in the backseat with the car seat between us, passing the directions back and forth and trying to make sense of them. They’re so confusing, you can see why apparently something like 80% of car seats are improperly installed. I’ll take it somewhere to make sure it’s in correctly. We might not have gotten the seat belt tight enough. It’s weird how much the front part of it moves around, but I watched a video online and I guess it’s supposed to be like that.

I sat in the car with Andrew in the backseat next to it with a special treat so he can start to feel more comfortable. The poor guy doesn’t have room to lie down back there anymore! He’s still getting bigger, too! I had him weighed today and he was 53 pounds. He won’t be as big as Caleb, but he’s kind of outgrowing his place on the bed with us. 😦 Anyway, when there’s just one of us in the car we’ll probably put Andrew in the front seat so he’s not alone in the back with the baby, and when two adults are in the car we might have one of us in the back so we can keep an eye on both of them, or just to watch the baby, and Andrew can still sit up front. Or if he’s in the back and we’re both in the front, at least whoever is the passenger can turn around to keep things under control.

The ticker on my home page now says 13 days until our baby is due! Now when I call people they think I’m in labor. I shouldn’t call A. four times in a row anymore! But I guess soon that WILL be the reason I’m calling! Eeek!

One of my wonderful coworkers gave me this gift the other night. I feel like I’m still new there but they’re all so nice to me! I think this is really cute, with the ducks, and I liked the lion bag and giraffe card.


3 thoughts on “Week 38

  1. you look lovely, Jessica! I just love the picture of you peeking around the tree. And the duck outfit is adorable.

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