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Ari, Week 10

This week, we met up with some old college friends who have gotten advanced degrees and are just getting started in their careers. One has been living apart from her husband while they were both in school and the other couple are both academics who may not be able to find jobs in the same state. It made me reflect: when I was younger, I was always willing to sacrifice stability for whatever seemed like the best career or academic choice, but for the past few years, I’ve prioritized home and family. I’m so glad now that A. and I are together and in a city we both love, with jobs that allow us to live here and own a home, and that we have a baby!

This week, Ari’s routine has been a little better. He’s been eating slightly less frequently during the day – every 3 to 4 hours, but more frequently in the mornings and evenings – and taking some longer naps, although I still usually have to lie down with him to get him to sleep. We’re trying to practice having A. put him to bed in the crib because soon I’ll be at work three nights a week, but it’s not working. It’s going to be rough when I’m gone! I wish I could just nurse him to sleep every night the way he wants.

At least we have a good nanny! She came for four hours to get acquainted with our routines and I was able to leave the house for a bit! I took Andrew for a walk so I could focus on him and do some training with treats. I’ve been able to walk him and push the stroller at the same time, but I don’t have a third hand for treats so I haven’t done much training.

Here are some snapshots from Jan – here is Ari being very upset:


Here we’re getting food at our favorite taco cart:


I got the Ergo carrier and I love it! It’s so easy to use, and I like carrying some of the weight on my hips.


I took these pictures when my parents visited over the weekend:


Ari is pretty good at supporting some of his weight on his legs! He’s been doing it for a few weeks now.


We did a little hiking with the Ergo and my mom took this:


Here he is with his WubbaNub from A.’s mom. The puppy is attached to the pacifier so he can cuddle and suck at the same time, which he actually does sometimes and will probably do more of as he gets older. I put him in the gown because I was feeling cold but then A. came home and told me it was too warm for that. It turns out I had chills and was possibly getting mastitis again! I felt achy and sore and exhausted, too. I took more lecithin and some ibuprofen, got a good night’s sleep, slept through another fever the next day, and am feeling better now, so hopefully I’ve avoided it. I don’t have health insurance this month because of the maternity leave, so I hope I don’t need antibiotics!


My mom made this dish with vegetables from our garden, except for the mushrooms. We hadn’t realized our beans were ready!DSC03474

Ari has started to be able to hold on to this rattle and move it around. When I took these pictures, he was actually bringing it to his mouth! He also did a lot of bringing it to some other part of his face while opening his mouth. Gotta work on the coordination some more!DSC03558DSC03559DSC03543 10 weeks

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