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Ari, Week 17

This week has been a nice, normal, unexciting week, except that our nanny is out of town so A.’s mom is staying with us to take care of Ari during the day. I’ve made it through all my work shifts and we had a very nice dinner out with friends at one of our favorite restaurants, as a late birthday celebration for me. Ari was very good during dinner. We passed him around while he was awake, and he nursed, then he fell asleep straddling my lap with his head on my chest – so sweet! I love those moments.

Here are some pictures of Ari at Jan’s house, watching this black and white video for babies:


Here are some pictures of Ari getting his exercise/play time. Lately he is happy on his tummy for probably 10 minutes or so at a time; much longer than he used to be. He’s also more interested in looking at things, reaching and grabbing, and bringing things to his mouth. He makes scooting motions and can move an inch or two forward or back. Also, he’s been rolling from his front to his back since he was 10 weeks old (but he doesn’t do it as reliably now that he’s happier on his tummy!), and now he will roll from his back to his side if he’s reaching for something. He weighs about 14 pounds now, so he’s basically doubled his birth weight, and he fits 3-6–month size clothing. He’s almost four months old! I love him so much!


Andrew has some new toys and he’s very excited about them. He’ll even drop one of the balls on top of Ari and act like he’s waiting for him to throw it!


Here is my locker at work, ridiculously plastered with pictures of Ari:


Here are pictures from my 17-week photo session. Ari kept scooting down. Also he just wanted to chew on something. I finally gave him a toy and it went right in his mouth!

DSC04313DSC04314DSC04318DSC04319DSC04321DSC04323DSC04336DSC04324 17 weeks

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