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Ari, Weeks 19 to 20: Happy Halloween!

It’s been a super busy week and a half for us! We’ve been working as usual, I got mastitis for the FOURTH time (after I ran out of lecithin – I got back on it and didn’t need antibiotics!), A. got sick with some kind of stomach bug, I was studying furiously for my med-surg certification exam while Ari was having a super fussy couple of days, then I got sick with probably the same stomach bug the night before and the morning of my exam (yesterday) – but I passed, hooray!! Ari’s been in a very good mood the past few days, just a happy, smiley boy keeping to a good routine of eating, playing, and sleeping. He enjoys lying on his back and kicking his legs and squealing – a LOT!, sucking his thumb, putting things in his mouth, and being held in a standing position. He laughs when I blow raspberries on his belly! When he’s on his back now, he wiggles around so much that he turns himself 360 degrees. I’ll find him under his activity gym with his feet at one end of it and his head bumping against the other end. I’ve started putting his little bathtub in our bathtub instead of in the kitchen sink because he kicks and splashes so much it makes a huge mess. The tub is great! He’s no longer in the newborn sling, but the tub itself has two sides, so if he faces one way he lounges on his back a bit more, which is for younger babies and that’s how he uses it now, and if he were facing the other way he would be sitting more upright.

Another new development is that when I take his picture, I can say, “Ari!” and he turns his head and looks at me and smiles! He was doing that last week too, actually.

I’ve been trying to figure out a new thing to contain him in while I shower, now that he’s scooting himself out of his swing. I was thinking about one of those bouncy activity chair things but I think he’s still too young, plus they’re so huge and plasticky. Then I found this KidCo Go-Pod – it’s portable, you can attach your own toys to it, and it had great reviews. Ari’s still a little small for it though:

DSC04516 DSC04514 DSC04520

Here is Ari playing peek-a-boo:

DSC04526 DSC04529

And playing with my camera strap:


And here is Andrew in a Halloween tie from Jan, isn’t he cute?


And here’s Ari, ready for Halloween! It’s not a perfect costume, but I’m working tonight so we’re not doing anything exciting.

DSC04562 19.5 weeks Halloween

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