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Ari, Week 20

I feel like all I’ve been doing is working and sleeping lately. I’m on a night schedule so even when I’m off it’s hard for me to sleep at night, when Ari is sleeping, so I’m up writing this or doing other things and then I want to sleep all day. Fortunately Ari still naps a lot, but I feel bad just lying around with him next to me either breastfeeding, kicking and squealing by himself, or sleeping.

The night before last they were short for day shift so I stayed an extra 4 hours, for a total of over 16 hours. Then Ari and I slept together most of the day, but I was still tired at night so I was able to sleep and then get up at a reasonable time this morning. So I got to enjoy Ari more!

At one point, he was getting restless (elimination communication?) so I took him to his room to change his diaper. I decided to try setting him on his little potty chair that I got to try every now and then based on the Diaper-Free Baby ideas. When I used to hold him over our toilet, he would sometimes go in it, but he’d been crying every time I tried to hold him on the potty chair. But this time I set him down, started making the “psssss” sound they say to use, and he INSTANTLY pooped! Poor kid, I may have to delete these posts when he’s older. 🙂 But I was very happy about it, especially considering he’s only been pooping once every few days recently, so the chances of just catching one randomly were pretty low!

Anyway, here are some pictures…

Andrew got a new bed, the cozy bolster kind I always wanted to get Caleb that Costco now carries:

DSC04590 DSC04593

Cute shirt from Great Auntie Lynn:


Andrew wants to be a part of tummy time – but shortly after this he got too excited and scratched Ari’s head, so a playpen has been ordered:

DSC04605 DSC04609

I think he had a growth spurt in the last couple of weeks (he’s been eating a lot!) and all of a sudden he can put his feet on the floor when he’s in the Go-Pod. He likes it better now:

DSC04621DSC04626DSC04618DSC04627DSC04612DSC04630 DSC04631

I’m hoping to do some more topic-focused posts soon, on things like advice for new moms and reflections on having a newborn, writing a birth plan, parenting theories, baby products, and other things I’ve spent too much time thinking and reading about. When there’s time…

DSC04632 20 weeks

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