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Ari, Week 23

Another whirlwind week! Ari’s Great Auntie from Hawaii came to visit and did her first babysitting ever while I attended a work meeting! The babysitting was done in conjunction with shoe shopping downtown, and it was an adventure for all involved! I think Ari handled it the best of all of us…

We all traveled to Olympia for my Grandma’s 90th birthday celebration and Ari was passed around to many family members. I love for him to get to see everyone and everyone to see him!


It was all fun but I was feeling very burnt out all week, unfortunately. On my days off, I kept staying up late researching daycares and then sleeping in most of the next day. Then at the end of the week I was scheduled for two nights of work followed by one off and two more on, and still needing to get ready to host Thanksgiving (by “host” I mean allow other people to shop and cook for me, of course). I put in a request to be off if they were overstaffed every night, and I FINALLY got put on call the last of the four nights! First I was put on call, then they called and told me to go in, then they called back and said to stay home.

I managed to get together with a friend and walk our dogs to the dog park on a sunny day, which I haven’t done in waaaay too long. Andrew and her dog actually got along really well. I think he’s getting better about other dogs. Ari’s nanny brings her little dog over and Andrew even shares his food and his baby!

Andrew and my friend’s dog played at the park and again at our house:

DSC05050 DSC05056 DSC05057 DSC05059

Now it’s time for family to be arriving for Ari’s first Thanksgiving! He has his outfit ready!

DSC05077 DSC05117 DSC05101 23 Weeks Thanksgiving

5 thoughts on “Ari, Week 23

  1. Aw! I love the dog pictures! I especially love’s Andrew’s expression in the third picture. Does Ari put stuff in his mouth all on his own?

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