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Ari, Week 25

This week, Ari attended his first birthday party! Or, rather, he attended a birthday party for the first time. We were celebrating the first birthday of a coworker’s son. It was sort of like a first playdate for Ari – after the birthday boy opened his gifts (ADORABLY! growling with excitement at each one!), I put Ari down to sit on the floor and play with him. The other boy shared very nicely, and when he wanted to take something that was in front of Ari he would put something else in front of him first, like a trade – so cute!! Ari doesn’t really care yet about having toys taken away; he’ll just put his fingers in his mouth if there’s nothing else to chew on. Here he is reaching for the orange circle, which he enjoyed mouthing:


Andrew had a playdate, too – he finally got to play with Baker again! Any dog poop I hadn’t picked up was frozen solid so we weren’t worried about them stepping in it, hehe. They were a big, hairy blur:

DSC05487 DSC05491 DSC05494 DSC05504 DSC05507 DSC05509 DSC05510 DSC05512 DSC05518 DSC05520

Before the doggie playdate, I got to take some holiday snapshots of Jan and Pat with Baker, which she blogged about at Artless Articles. I do enjoy taking pictures, especially with my Sony Nex-F3! I just use the auto settings and it’s so easy. It has a large sensor size for great image quality, it works really well in low light, and you can point the flash up for better looking flash pictures. Those are my favorite features!

Ari is such a big boy in his go-pod, now. Sometimes he straightens his legs and pretty much just stands up in there. Also, he’s wearing 9-month size clothes! He’s starting to look like a little boy instead of a baby.


For eating, we’ve moved on from sweet potatoes to apples. He had some organic apple slices and some organic unsweetened applesauce. He got frustrated trying to hold onto the apple slices, and they kept ending up on the floor and then he’d cry. With the applesauce, he wanted to pick up the whole container and chew on it. I keep forgetting to put a bib on him before he gets all messy!

DSC05547 DSC05548 DSC05549 DSC05550 DSC05551 DSC05552 DSC05553 DSC05555 DSC05556 DSC05559 DSC05561 DSC05562 DSC05567 DSC05568 DSC05571 DSC05574 DSC05588 DSC05589 DSC05590 DSC05591

He’s been rolling around on the floor like a pro, but no crawling yet!

DSC05653 DSC05611 25 weeks

2 thoughts on “Ari, Week 25

  1. I love when Baker and Andrew get together to play! They are such fun buddies. I think Ari does still look like a baby but an utterly adorable one. Ari is so darling! I love when his eyes get small and his cheeks look chubby when he’s biting down on something. Such a cute little baby!

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