Ari is 8 Months Old!

In the last week, the snow has melted; it’s rained a lot; and we’ve had visits from my mom, A.’s dad, and our good friends from San Diego; and a playdate with one of my coworkers and her 14-month-old son! Ari likes to keep busy.

He does get worn out sometimes:


His hair is getting long! I love his precious face and blue eyes:


He loves cords:

DSC07152 DSC07155 DSC07158 DSC07159 DSC07164 DSC07163 DSC07174

He tried out his new rain jacket from the consignment store:


Here he is with one of our San Diego friends:


Today, I took his 8-month picture. Here are some of the cutest ones:

DSC07260 DSC07262 DSC07265 DSC07272 DSC07284

Then he spent some time visiting with his elephant and bear friends:

DSC07293 DSC07296 DSC07300 DSC07301 DSC07302 DSC07303 DSC07304 DSC07305 DSC07306

What are his developmental milestones now? Well, he army crawls, sits up by himself, stands up if he’s holding on to something, picks up small objects and transfers objects from one hand to another, eats purees and cereal, babbles “b,” “d,” “g,” and “k” sounds, and blows raspberries, and he has two tooth buds! He smiles a LOT and laughs quite a bit, too. He loves people and gets very excited in social settings. He’s really a happy guy! We’re very lucky.


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