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Ari at 7 and 2/3 Months

We’re finally all over our colds or whatever we had! We all seemed to get sick twice. Ari had his first runny nose, which was miserable and went on for days. He HATED having it sucked out or wiped!

A. and I got to go out and see a really cool dance performance at a local theater I hadn’t been to yet. I miss dancing!

Ari now has two little bottom teeth poking out of his gums. He can go from lying down to sitting up on his own, and he’s still army crawling – usually in the direction of cords, cell phones, or dog toys, but mostly cords. He can spot them from across the room, so his vision must be pretty good now!

DSC06840 DSC06841 DSC06847 DSC06851

We had a quick visit at the swimming pool with Ari’s great aunt and uncle, who gave him a stacking cone toy. Here he is after the visit, which was his second trip to the pool that day – completely wiped out! He was very happy and had a good time though.

DSC06857 DSC06860

Since he now likes to crawl out of his room – and usually into the bathroom – I set up this gate:

DSC06868 DSC06870

Ari’s nanny made him some mashed red lentils in ice cube trays and he loves them! She then used the same stuff as a base for a delicious soup for me! (On the left.)


We’ve made a little progress with babyproofing by having our TV mounted on the wall!! Yippee, this makes me really happy. Also someone just bought the TV stand and took it away, hooray! I’m also starting to move things up and trying to keep the items on the lower two bookshelves baby-friendly. I still have some work to do, though.

DSC06893 DSC06899 DSC06903 DSC06904

Another day, Ari’s nanny made these teething biscuits from a vegan recipe I found!

He really likes them and they hardly crumble at all. She scored them with hearts and the letter “A”:

DSC06907 DSC06911

Here he is just being cute and then munching on a teething biscuit (Andrew got his own treat):

DSC06913 DSC06919 DSC06922 DSC06925

The big excitement recently has been this snow! On Thursday it started coming down and sticking. A. came home early from work. I took Ari to his vaccination appointment at the local clinic. I was afraid of slipping and falling with him in the carrier so I pushed him in the stroller, which was tough to do in the snow!

DSC06938 DSC06940 DSC06942 DSC06944

He handled his shots very well this time. Hardly any crying and he still gave the nice medical assistant a smile before we left. I’m trying to stick with just two shots at a time now, instead of like five at each of his well-baby visits – that means we have to go in more frequently, though.

Afterward, I learned that if I stand him up in his playpen he can stay that way for quite a while…

DSC06947 DSC06976 DSC06988 DSC06991

Andrew didn’t seem too excited about the snow that first night. We went for a walk and he got to play with his buddy Baker. The snow was perfect and powdery that night.

DSC06995 DSC06996 DSC06997

The next morning, I had to leave early for work. I took the bus because I hate driving in the snow! I wore rain boots and carried a big backpack with my work shoes, an extra set of scrubs, pajamas, a book, my breast pump and extra clean attachment parts, food, my toothbrush, etc. One year at my old job, we had a big storm and were required to stay at work in case the next shift couldn’t make it in, and I got special permission to go home for the night to take care of my dog but other people slept a couple of hours on the floor and got up and worked another 12-hour (or longer) shift. Another year I stayed overnight but got a bed assignment in the sleep study lab, which was like a hotel room! I was very lucky… Anyway, I did end up staying overnight Friday night. It was a horrible, long day and I was only able to pump once in about 16 hours and I didn’t take a meal break, either. So I didn’t feel like trekking to the bus at 10pm and then turning around to go back in the morning. In HR they were handing out bed and meal tickets and I got a bed in the peri-anesthesia pre- and post-surgery area. They blocked off four beds for each of us so we each had a pod of beds to ourselves for some privacy. I stayed up late to pump before going to sleep, then the next morning got up and dressed and went straight back to my floor to pump again before my shift. On Saturday night I finally left and got home by bus! At that point, the snow was maybe 4-6 inches deep and was crusting over with ice. As I trudged home from the bus stop along the dark, quiet street covered with snow, Jan and Pat stepped out of their front door to greet me! That made me very happy. Jan offered me some food that sounded really good, but I was very anxious to get home and shower and see Ari. When I got home, A. was holding Ari up to the window and waving at me and it felt so wonderful to be back! That was the longest I’ve gone away from Ari. They had gone through all the stored milk plus some formula and a lot of solids. Fortunately, I brought a lot of milk home with me!

There was freezing rain overnight and some ice this morning, but it warmed up and got kind of slushy and some of it melted. Unfortunately, we realized we should have removed the cover from our patio gazebo:


Here is Andrew under my desk today:


Ari tasting some ice and investigating the snow – he was in two layers of pants, a shirt and vest, and two layers of socks – at first I had put socks on his hands, too, and his red coat, but they were off and we were headed inside when I took these:

DSC07028 DSC07030 DSC07033

Then I took him in the backyard to check out the frozen snow (the inner pants didn’t even get wet!):

DSC07039 DSC07041

Andrew thought this crusty snow was pretty exciting:

DSC07045 DSC07046 DSC07049 DSC07051 DSC07052 DSC07053

Ari set out to crawl and then decided he wasn’t happy with being on the ground anymore!


Tonight we set up his train set and then we played trains while he chewed on the tracks:

DSC07078 DSC07081 DSC07084 DSC07086 DSC07087DSC07106 DSC07112 DSC07113

He also got to visit with all of his grandparents on FaceTime!


Then it was past his bedtime, and now it’s way past my bedtime!

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