A Mama + Baby Weekend Getaway

Last weekend we took the train to Olympia to spend the night with my aunt and visit my other aunt and uncle and my cousin and her boyfriend and my aunt and uncle’s dog and cats and tiny new puppy! It was Ari’s second train trip and it worked out great again – most of the way there he slept in his car seat on the seat across from me, and most of the way back he slept in his car seat on the seat next to me.

Here he is on the way there:


And on the way back, after he woke up, in the dining car – he stepped on one of his socks and pulled it off:

IMAG1000 IMAG1001

In his rain jacket, a picture from my aunt:


His first rice chex, at the hotel:


Napping at the hotel:


First Cheerios!


Playing with the dogs:

DSC07562 DSC07563 DSC07588

And one of the cats:

DSC07645 DSC07658

I have a few other pictures from home to share, too. When we went hiking last week, my back got sore using the Ergo. I want to be able to do more hiking with Ari this summer, so I went to the consignment store and picked up a Deuter KangaKid expanding kid carrier backpack. So far, I like it!

DSC07406 IMAG0997

Here’s a picture of Ari in his funny outfit that day:


I’ve discovered that Ari’s little color-changing elephant lamp is a great way to keep him occupied for a while – he’s fascinated!

DSC07416 DSC07417 DSC07422

I love the effects of these next two; they remind me of photos from the 60s:

DSC07423 DSC07424 DSC07431DSC07435 DSC07457 DSC07488


Last, check out this rat tail he’s sporting! I don’t want to have his hair cut yet though!


5 thoughts on “A Mama + Baby Weekend Getaway

  1. Great Pics as usual! Delete that earlier comment from another ID I sometimes use, didn’t mean to use it here. But did mean to say, “Thanks, again, for letting us hang out with you and Alan this last weekend.”

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