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Another (sleep-deprived) week and a half in the life of Ari! And now he’s 9 months old!

Whew! It feels like more than a week and a half since my last post.

Maybe that’s because we’ve been having a bad time with sleep! I’ve started to think that Ari might be getting too old to be waking up and nursing every few hours every night. Getting five uninterrupted hours of sleep in a PACU bed at the hospital when it snowed shouldn’t have been such a good night for me! It seems like it’s become harder to get him down in the evening, so we aren’t really getting any time to ourselves before someone has to go to bed with Ari so he’ll sleep.

Before he was born, I was interested in what I called “Montessori floor beds”. I first learned about it here, and you can read more about the concept here. I recently read this blog entry and thought maybe I should try it now. I didn’t spend any time creating a good set-up, which would require taking his crib out of his room, but I just put the mattress on the floor and put some cushions next to it. He did take some good naps on it when I was able to lie down with him and then get up and leave him there, but I wasn’t comfortable leaving him there at night, and he kind of hurt himself trying to crawl off of it a couple of times. So we put it back in the crib. I think the mattress might be too thick (7 inches) for a floor bed, although I’d be willing to try again with it in the corner where the crib is, with more cushions around it (and with a more baby-proofed room).

Anyway, here’s a picture I took the first day I had it on the floor:


I think some of the sleep problems we’ve had recently are related to teething pain (his top two front teeth are coming in now), and it already seems a little better. I also think we’ve been letting him get overtired and putting him to bed too late at night (partly because I don’t get home until 8:30 or so on my work nights). But I found this site, and this sample schedule, which made me also think I might not be feeding him enough food besides breastmilk, so he’s having to nurse frequently to get enough to eat. So I came up with this schedule for us:


I keep messing it up by taking him out to do things when it’s supposed to be his naptime or bedtime, but it gives me something to shoot for, anyway, and it gives our nanny some guidance too, so we can both be trying to keep the same routine. It’s also been hard for me to come up with good meals for him besides breastmilk because we just don’t cook at home that much. I like the idea of feeding him what I’m eating, but often that’s…nothing. Or I can’t figure out how to put any food together for myself until he’s napping, but now I want to include him in the eating before he naps.

I have started giving him some of the oatmeal or Bob’s Red Mill multigrain hot cereal I eat in the morning, minus the brown sugar and almonds. These pictures are from the first day I shared my oatmeal, and he seemed pretty into it! He made a giant mess, too!

DSC07733 DSC07743 DSC07749 DSC07764 DSC07766 DSC07768 DSC07775 DSC07779

We’ve been trying to feed him more of whatever we’re eating. He’s had strawberries, pear, apple, egg, peanut, gluten, dairy, fish, and chicken with no problems I’ve been aware of. He’s even seemed to enjoy some fairly spicy Mexican food! So far he hasn’t refused anything.

My parents came to visit and my dad took down our broken gazebo, yay! I was also able to do some yard work while they watched Ari. We had wonderful warm, sunny weather and I took this picture showing the temperature, thinking of this post from the same time last year:


With my parents watching Ari while I was at work the next day, A. started working hard on getting our house cleaned up and organized. We continued working on it over the past week, and it’s looking a lot better! When we’re all finished I’ll do some posts on our new set-ups and systems, or at least I hope to. But for now I do want to show off this 1940s day bed we got through Craig’s List:


Here are my boys with some neighborhood flowers:


Ari has started crawling on his hands and knees! He’s also pulling up on the furniture, my legs, and whatever else he can reach. I took these pictures after he crawled over and took this toy off the shelf:

DSC07829 DSC07833 DSC07837 DSC07838 DSC07841

We also got a new rug for our office space, and with the daybed it makes a great play area:


One day Ari got himself stuck in a chair!


My nieces came to visit and we were able to use VIP passes to a professional soccer game from A.’s company! My aunt and uncle also visited and they took Ari out to lunch at a brew pub during the game. He enjoyed some sweet potato fries!


He also went out to eat with my nieces and me quite a bit. Here we were using his sunglasses to keep him happy – he really gets a kick out of them!


Another new development in Ari’s life is bicycling! So far, for him, that means riding in a trailer. He hasn’t protested his helmet too much and just sits there and plays with whatever he can reach.


Here is A. pulling him one evening. They’re very well-lit!


My older niece pulled him uphill!


Here are some pictures from our 9-month photo shoot. I had to use my cell phone because my camera battery isn’t working right now. He loves being set down with these stuffed animals! He gasps and dives at one of them. He loves to grab the bear and put the bear’s nose in his mouth!

IMAG1024 IMAG1025

Happy nine months, Ari! You’ve been out of my belly for just about as long as you were in it, now!

IMAG1028 9 months

5 thoughts on “Another (sleep-deprived) week and a half in the life of Ari! And now he’s 9 months old!

  1. Great stuff. I was looking at the chart and…do you think it would it be easier to feed Andrew at 5 since you’re only feeding yourself and Ari at that time whereas at 8:15 you have to breastfeed and put Ari to bed which ends up being more stuff to do all at once? And if you put Andrew’s food out 5, it would only be 10 hours in between each meal instead of 12-13 (that’s over half a day). Just wondering!

    1. Yeah, basically the only way I really know he’s getting fed is if I’m the one doing it and I’m not always home before 8…but he usually leaves his food in the bowl anyway so I don’t think he’s going hungry in between.

  2. That great new daybed on the new carpet is a perfect place for the boy to practice his standing. Padded landings when something goes awry. One happy camper, this kid.

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