Ari, You Are 11 Months Old!

Ari, these are some things I want to say to you, that some day you might want to read about yourself.

You are 11 months old today! And you are SOOOO cute right now! Our neighbor asked if your personality is starting to show itself and what comes to mind with you is that you are a HAPPY guy. Even when you don’t want to take your naps or go to bed at night, it’s not so bad because you’re not cranky; you just want to stay up and play.

We took you to OMSI on Mother’s Day and you are really into balls and water right now:

IMG_0722 IMG_0723 - Version 2 IMG_0731 IMG_0738

The other day, I took you to the park and you had a great time on the swings.


In this picture, you are grinning at the woman next to you. She was amazed by how friendly you were!


Then we sat in the grass with a couple of other moms and their one-year-old daughters, and they were also delighted by your outgoing, friendly personality. They commented, as most people do, on how “friendly” and “smiley” you were. Their daughters sat and watched while you crawled over to one mom and put your hand on her lap and grinned at her. Then you crawled off on your own to find some dirt and wood chips, and you held on to these two pieces of wood for most of the rest of our time there:


I’ve also taken you to a couple of classes at a local exercise studio that provides childcare. One woman who took care of you there said you just “smiled all the time” and that you “inspired” her for when she has a baby someday! I did wonder if you’re supposed to be more upset when I hand you over to a stranger, but, hey, I’ll take it.

People also talk about what a “good” baby you are when we go out to eat – even though I’m usually going crazy trying to keep you from grabbing everything on the table!

You also love cuddling and snuggling. Right now the only way I can get you to sleep, besides walking you in your stroller or driving in the car, is by holding you or lying down next to you. You have to have your little hand resting on my face or arm or grasping my fingers. I now have your crib mattress on the floor so that I can lie down next to you and then sneak away after you fall asleep! I’m hoping you’ll get more comfortable on that mattress and then I can move it back to the crib…

DSC08962 IMG_0763 IMG_0767

I’ve figured out that I can use your Go-Pod outside so I can do yard work:


But last night you eventually wanted out of it, then you happily rode on my back while I mowed the lawn:


You LOVE bath time and have started doing ballet moves trying to get into the tub while it’s filling up with water:

DSC09185 DSC09187

In the bath, you like to play with your stacking cups. You can actually put the smaller ones inside the bigger ones now! You love putting small things into other things. You do that with your shape sorter toys – not necessarily with the right shapes, but with anything that will fit! Your nanny says you have excellent fine motor control.

You will now hand me a toy when I ask for it and you love when I say, “thank you!”

I was really cracking you up the other day when I was fake sneezing and hiccuping, saying “ah-choo!” and “hiccup!”

Another funny thing was when you tried to pull something out of our big canvas bag when it was on top of our low shelves in front of our window, and the whole bag turned over on you and you sat down and had this big bag over your head and shoulders! I laughed for a minute before I took it off of you, then you grinned at me and started laughing, too. You love to laugh when other people are laughing!

You have two bottom front teeth and your top right “canine” tooth. Your two top front teeth are starting to poke out.

You are a fantastic eater right now. You currently enjoy roasted vegetables – mostly we’ve had zucchini, asparagus, and green beans – and strawberries, peaches, nectarines, whole grain toast (plain, with peanut butter, or with jam), spaghetti with tomato sauce, oatmeal (both the baby kind and the kind I make for myself), raisins, dried apricots, bananas, cheese…basically anything we give you. You got chex at daycare and goldfish crackers from a friend. Your daddy gives you pieces of meat when we’re out. Today you had your first cantaloupe!

We were at our friend’s house the other day and she brought me this smoothie and you started drinking from my straw, so she got you your own in a little glass and you SUCKED IT DOWN! So she got you some more and you sucked that down, too! Now I give you water in your straw cup on hot days, too.


I love you so much, and so does your daddy, and so do your grandparents, and your great grandmas, and your aunts and uncles, and your great aunts and uncles, and your cousins, and our other family members and friends. Our dog Andrew loves you too! He’s a little bit afraid of you, but yesterday the two of you were passing his ball back and forth and you even managed to throw it for him. Keep that up and he won’t leave you alone!

You also get really excited about the bear and the elephant I use for these pictures. Yesterday when I took your picture (because I was working today), you gasped/squealed with joy when you saw the stuffed animals waiting for you on the couch. I put you down and you turned from one to the other, grabbing them, biting them, and squealing. You pointed at the elephant’s eye and bit the bear’s nose, as usual. Your daddy says he used to love biting that bear’s nose, too!

DSC09133 11 months

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