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Ari’s 15th Month: Keeping Busy, Riding Electric Cargo Bikes, and Watching Dogs Have Fun

This month felt SO LONG! It was an epic month and a whirlwind at the same time.

Is that because I have a toddler? I don’t know, but this is pretty much what the month from mid-August to mid-September looked like for me:


Not hanging out at IKEA, but with 14-month-old Ari toddling away from me!

We’ve also been enjoying the new food cart pod in our neighborhood:

IMG_2456 IMG_2463


IMG_2471IMG_2472 IMG_2475 IMG_2477

Ari continues to love the tomatoes from our garden:


My parents came for a visit – here is Ari watching his grandpa blow bubbles:

DSC00233 - Version 2 DSC00240 DSC00244 DSC00253 - Version 2

We went on a fun community bike ride called Sunday Parkways and for some reason the only picture I have of it is from the beer garden…this is Ari with his grandma:

IMG_2490 - Version 2

At our friends’ baby shower Ari played with an older toddler at this water table:

DSC00286 - Version 2

He started using crayons!


We vacuumed together – he’s been imitating us a lot more recently:


I set up a little desk for him under our desk:


He finally got another haircut – his third! He was very good about it and kept his head very still!


Here he’s looking silly, playing with the dog’s leash:


We decided to get an electric-assist cargo bike for A. to take Ari to and from his new daycare because it’s kind of out of the way and in car traffic A. would have to leave work too early in order to pick him up on time. So we borrowed a couple of bikes from the shop to test them out. The one that Ari is shown in is the Bullitt, and the other one is the Xtracycle Edgerunner.

IMG_2529 IMG_2533 IMG_2537

We were torn – the Bullitt seems better for piling in smaller kids (you can even put the seat flat for napping) and randomly sized stuff, and I fantasized about taking Andrew out with us in it too, because I hate leaving him behind when we go for bike rides. But we tried it and Andrew wasn’t having it. I’m sure he’d adjust if we habituated him slowly with lots of treats, though.

You can buy a rain shield for it and I like having Ari in front of me where I can see him. It was hard to ride at first, and once I finally got going I told A. I wasn’t going to be able to turn or stop, but I figured it out eventually. However, starting up from a stopped position was always scary because it would start turning in a circle and I would have trouble straightening out again. But pedaling it uphill at 19 mph with the e-assist was fantastic! And going downhill it was very steady.

I expected the Edgerunner to be easier to ride and feel more like a normal bike, but it was hard for me too, in pretty much the same way that riding with really heavy bags on a rear rack is hard. It felt kind of wobbly going downhill fast. But I liked the more upright riding position on it.

Ultimately we decided on the Edgerunner partly because it costs less and partly because it seems more versatile for carrying older kids and adults. It’s also a little easier to park and store.

Ari had fun when we took a break at this park with a fun splash pad:

IMG_2549 IMG_2547

We went to the coast one day with a friend and our dogs:

IMG_2551 IMG_2555

Andrew ran and ran and ran there and had a great time! Ari did great in the cold water and got to touch anemones in a tidepool.


Back at the food carts – it’s water in the bottle!

IMG_2618 IMG_2623

I keep this bin of rice in the kitchen to entertain Ari. I always have to sweep up rice afterward, though.

IMG_2692 IMG_2698

I was pretty proud of myself when I made this butternut squash and black bean mash that he enjoyed:


I also made playdough! We were stuck inside for the day and I was trying to do some cooking.

IMG_2708 IMG_2715 IMG_2719 IMG_2720

He actually imitated me when I showed him how to use the rolling pin:

IMG_2726 IMG_2727

We went to 1000 Acres off-leash park with my friend and her dog:

IMG_2742 IMG_2746 IMG_2759 IMG_2763 IMG_2778 IMG_2779 IMG_2780 IMG_2781 IMG_2782 IMG_2810 IMG_2828

We actually got Andrew to swim! It was a good thing we went there because then I took my friend’s dog home with us to take care of him for a week! We got them nice and tired. Then we had some walks like this:


Ari and Andrew are buds:

DSC00564 DSC00570

Then another friend who was pregnant went into labor and had her baby! So I also took care of her dog while she was in the hospital, but he stayed at their house and I made visits there. Andrew didn’t mind at all:

IMG_2866 IMG_2867 IMG_2868

Ari LOVES balls! He and Andrew share that passion and they play fetch together wonderfully.

DSC00574 DSC00576 DSC00595 DSC00598 DSC00601 DSC00602 DSC00603 DSC00613 DSC00618 DSC00619 DSC00621DSC00654DSC00662DSC00668DSC00672DSC00673

I am so loved:

DSC00644 DSC00648 DSC00649

At the same time as all the dog sitting, a couple of stressful things were going on, I had some extra things to do for work (including my annual evaluations), A. went out of town for work, and my mom visited! It was a good thing I had my mom to help with everything. I was stressed out and EXHAUSTED from late nights and early mornings.

Fortunately, Ari also started daycare in September! Recently I’ve had a couple of days when he was there and I was home and off work and it was AMAZING. The first time I’ve had an entire day to myself since he was born, I think! I cleaned the house! Caught up on SO MANY loads of laundry! Made phone calls! Wooo-hoooo! I am way more productive with a day home alone (well, with the dog) than I ever was before I had Ari.

For his monthly photo, Ari kept throwing his stuffed animals off the couch:

DSC00682 DSC00683 DSC00685  DSC00688 DSC00690DSC00691 DSC00692 DSC00693 DSC00694 DSC00696 DSC00698 DSC00701 DSC00703 DSC00708

I couldn’t decide between these:

DSC00686 DSC00702 15 months

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    1. Thanks! I thought he was adorable in that, too! And I love taking a million dog photos when they’re flying around and then seeing what I got. 🙂

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