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Family Update, Sam at 10 Weeks Old

Just some quick notes on what we’ve been up to since my last post!

We went to the Clark County Fair with a childhood friend of mine and her two-year-old daughter. She and I rode horses together and used to do 4-H activities at our county fair and now we got to see our kids having fun together at the fair!

IMG_3356 - Version 2IMG_3360

See the dogs?


I can’t believe Ari did this!

IMG_3446 - Version 2

Of course, we visited many animals.


And rode the merry-go-rounds a few times.


The next day, I had both kids and we not only went to story time at the library, we went to OMSI afterward! There were some diapering struggles and a downpour (of rain) when we left, so I was grumpy by the time we got home and writing comical stories in my head about how under prepared I was, but now I don’t even remember them!


Sitting at Ari’s swim class:


Entertaining himself while I showered:


On Thursday I came down with a fever from mastitis again and now I’m on antibiotics for the second time since Sam was born. I felt very discouraged about breastfeeding that day but I’m feeling better now.

On Friday, I was still feverish and achy but wanted some fresh air so I took Sam out in the back yard. A. and Ari had gone to swimming and then to a party. I ended up lying on Sam’s blanket with him sleeping on my chest while I watched the clouds in the bright blue sky. It was getting dark when we went inside. It was still over 80 degrees but I was shivering! Sam was a happy guy, though:


Ari made this book with one of his teachers at school:


On Sunday, we filled up Ari’s pool for him:


On Monday, Sam was ten weeks old! We made it to story time again (success!), and in the evening we gave Sam a bath. I had to take a picture of him and his fluffy hair afterward:


Later in the week, on my second day with both kiddos, I got so frustrated and impatient! Ari was overtired and whiny all day but wouldn’t nap, and I was exhausted and really needed a nap myself. It was too hot to go out during the day, too. But by evening, finally, I HAD to get us out of the house! So I packed up some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and we met A. at the fountain outside of his work.


Yesterday, Sam was playing with his toys for a while:


Then he had his two-month well child exam! They thought he looked great, and he weighed almost 12 and a half pounds! He looks like a regular baby to me now, with some chub on his arms and legs.

He got six vaccines at his appointment. Fortunately, they had a combination vaccine in stock, so he only had three shots for five of the vaccines, and the other one was the oral rotavirus. He tolerated it very well, just crying for a moment and then calming right down.

However, late this afternoon I thought he seemed fussy and felt a little warm, so I gave him a dose of Tylenol and checked his temperature and it was 101.8! I called the clinic because earlier they had said I should take him to the emergency room for any fever but I wasn’t sure if that was still true at his current age. But then I read online that under three months a fever is still “urgent,” so I took him to the emergency room and finally heard back from the nurse at the clinic just as we were getting checked in. Three hours later, they finally sent us home because, just as I thought, it’s not uncommon to have a mild fever after the vaccinations. I was so relieved that we didn’t have to do the lumbar puncture, IV antibiotics, and everything else we went through when Ari had a fever shortly after his two-month vaccines! Anyway, I can’t believe we’ve been to the ED three times with Sam already. It’s a really good thing we have insurance!

So, there you have it. Another exciting couple of weeks!

2 thoughts on “Family Update, Sam at 10 Weeks Old

  1. Ari seems so brave in these photos! Riding a horse by himself, flying high on the trampoline and no hands on the Merry- Go- Round!

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