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Week 27 and Happy Puppies


It’s the last picture of my second trimester! Now I get to start saying, “I can’t wait for this baby to come out!” Which is actually how I’m starting to feel. At work now I keep standing around with my hands on my lower back and people keep asking if my back hurts. It doesn’t, but for some reason it’s easier to stand that way. Maybe it’s my center of gravity changing. Also I’ve gotten really slow and deliberate about getting up after sitting on the floor. The other day, I was trying to drag Andrew in the house and lost my balance and fell forward onto my hands, and it kind of hurt! I felt so awkward and worried about falling in a bad way. I can see why people get so concerned about pregnant women falling.

People have also been asking if my feet are swollen, and they’re not! I’m very lucky so far! One of my coworkers’ feet got so swollen she couldn’t walk and had to stop working, so then she only had six weeks of maternity leave left after the baby was born.

Andrew and his buddy Baker (Jan and Patrick’s St. Berdoodle puppy) got to play in the yard this week and they had a ball:

DSC00917 - Version 3







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