Andrew the dog · Pregnancy

Week 28


Jan is working on an official 28-week photo, which I will post later, but A. took this the day before Easter, when it was warm and beautiful and I was about to nap before work. I’m definitely feeling bigger, more uncomfortable, more anxious, and more emotional — I feel like someone who needs a beer!

While I was walking Andrew the other day, I found another dog park nearby. First I passed a great-looking playground we’ll be able to walk to, then I saw a bunch of off-leash dogs in a field attached to what will probably be the baby’s middle school someday (yay, he can walk to school!). It’s a dog park after school hours! We’ve been back several times since then. It’s a huge grassy space for throwing a tennis ball – Andrew actually brings it back! – and there are usually lots of other dogs to play with, too.

After that first visit, we walked back up Division and met Jan for some delicious happy hour food. They didn’t make me buy a drink. 🙂 I tied Andrew outside and he got lots of attention. At one point he was rolling on back and asking for a belly rub whenever he saw someone approaching.


5 thoughts on “Week 28

    1. Thank you! I found that dress at the consignment store and it’s really comfortable, but it puts a tall and slender look in my imagination that is not the reality, especially right now! 😛

  1. I love that photo! I have to find my camera amidst all of packed belongings because I know we are due for a Week 29 session. Oh boy, you’re getting close! I love that Andrew is in the pic. Have you compared the really early pic with that one? I bet you’ll really get emotional then when you see how much Andrew has grown. He is a big boy! Can’t wait to meet Ari. Counting down…

    1. Thank you! If Week 29 doesn’t happen that’s okay, you have a lot going on right now and it’s a busy week for me too! We’ll be doing a longer session soon anyway. 🙂

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