Week 29


Tomorrow I technically hit 30 weeks! It feels like the home stretch, even though I still have more than two months to go. I’m counting down the weeks at work because I’m getting so TIRED. Also I’m sick of having to bend down to pick up the alcohol wipes and things that keep falling out of my pockets.

This picture makes my head look giant! I’m blaming the wide-angle lens… Too lazy to change lenses.

4 thoughts on “Week 29

  1. It’s surreal. I come out of chambers wearing my robe, everyone in a crowded courtroom rises. It’s like i stumbled into a play and I don’t know my lines. If I’m not careful I can get panicky, because it’s all so new and involves areas of the law where I am woefully ignorant, except for what the lawyers provide. (Yesterday, I forgot to tell people to ‘please be seated’ until one of my lawyer friends called out, “Your Honor, could we sit down now?”) So far I haven’t embarrassed myself, or, more important, made any mistakes that I know of or denied justice to anyone. It’s scary, because I make decisions about who gets temporary custody of small children, who gets visitation, who gets sanctioned, etc.

    Next week Keith will leave for two weeks and suddenly, for that two weeks, I’m doing what he does. I try not to think about the implications of that, and just stay “in the moment”, to borrow that cliche.

    I get lots of help from the Clerks and Court Administrator.

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