Andrew the dog

Happy Hour, Dog Park Pictures

Last week, Jan and I did happy hour again.


I did eat some salad!


And some polenta fries…


Andrew loves playing with his buddy Baker, who lives just 3 blocks away. Can’t wait for Jan and Pat to have a baby, too, to play with our (human) baby!


Here’s Andrew at our new favorite dog park, at the middle school. Having him fetch up the hill is great exercise!

DSC01129 DSC01134 DSC01136 DSC01137 DSC01138

After the park, we went to obedience class. He loves all the treats he gets there!

DSC01140 DSC01141

3 thoughts on “Happy Hour, Dog Park Pictures

      1. I don’t know…hopefully not too much bigger so he’ll fit with the car seat in the back! He’d lost two pounds last time I weighed him. But I think he’s about 8 months old, so probably a little more growing to go. He’s about 40 pounds now.

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