Weeks 36 and 37


Compare with:


And here’s today:


This has become one of my go-to outfits! Compare with 29 weeks:


Andrew and I have grown!

I’ve really packed on the pounds — and the puffiness — in the past couple of weeks. I’m finally having Braxton-Hicks contractions (for the past week), especially when I’m being active — at work, walking the dog, or cleaning the house, mostly. Sometimes it feels like cramping and sometimes like I got the wind knocked out of me. I keep wondering how I’ll know when I’m actually in labor, but people tell me I’ll KNOW. But I still keep fantasizing that I won’t realize I’m in labor and he’ll just pop out. 🙂 That would be messy though.

It’s hard not to get excited and want him to come out NOW. My belly is really starting to get in the way of doing things, and at 37 weeks he’s finally considered FULL TERM!! So, any day now!

I feel like I’ve been working a lot the past couple of weeks even though I got a vacation day. It’s been tough getting through the nights but my coworkers have really been looking out for me.

Also, lots of gifts the past couple of weeks!

First, I ordered these items with the gift cards from my coworkers. The organic cotton gown thing was on sale so it was reasonable, and I got a very well-reviewed bib/burp cloth and a couple of the hemp diaper inserts for the Thirsties wraps:


While I was at the grocery store I noticed a sale on the Seventh Generation disposables and wipes so I got some of those too:


Jan brought over some more items from craigslist. I love the Winnie the Pooh blanket, and the hats with brims might come in handy. There is also a swaddle wrap thing — I had to look it up to figure out what it is!


We went to my parents’ house over Memorial Day weekend. We brought the car seat just in case, which Andrew was not happy about in the back seat, and I finished packing my hospital bag and put that in the trunk, too! It has robes, nightgowns, nursing pajamas, a few baby care items, the baby book, hospital forms, the birth plan, ID, my laptop and charger, makeup and toiletries,  going-home clothes, and a couple of going-home baby outfits and a blanket. I need to add some sandals and/or slippers for the hospital floors.

While we were there, my mom’s friends hosted a shower with my family and a few close friends. It was really fun! But since I didn’t have a wedding shower, it’s been like 20 years since I’ve opened presents in front of a group like that, and there were a LOT of presents! They were all wonderful. 🙂 I’m not going to say who gave me everything here, but I want to post it all! First, I got to wear this dress that I’ve been finding really comfortable lately:


My dad carved this darling watermelon baby carriage:


My mom made this yummy tart and decorated the tables with little animals:


Here are the gifts!

A stuffed elephant from my grandma:


Several other soft toys, some with rattles or music or other entertaining aspects:




A super soft robe for me! On the sleeve, it says “Baby Me Too”.


Wonderful hats! The one on the left is handmade by the giver. I love all the colors, and the soft yarns of the two knitted hats.


So much adorable clothing:


He’ll be so well-dressed!

These sunglasses are great:


Some wonderful diapering supplies — Thirsties covers, inserts, Seventh Generation disposables and wipes, and an all-in-one cloth diaper that’s so fluffy and soft I kind of wish I could wear it myself:DSC01737

Some of it came by mail — these arrived today:


Toys! Now we have dog AND baby chew toys.


Lovely organic toiletry products:


A dishwasher basket that I’m sure will be very useful:


Books for the baby:


Books and a DVD for me — I requested the Diaper Free Baby book because I’m interested in learning more about the Elimination Communication method, even though I don’t imagine us managing totally without diapers! Early toilet training sure would be nice, though.


This cute baby book will replace the one I got at the consignment store:


A swing! This is one thing that EVERYONE seems to think is a necessity, even the ultra-minimalist people online:


We somehow managed to fit everything into the car for the trip home, and today I spent a while removing tags, washing and folding, and adding things to the nursery. Here is one wall, where I would like to add a dresser but it’s not necessary yet. I put the toys and stuffed animals on chairs so that Andrew won’t take them (I need a dresser or shelves to keep them out of his reach!). I still have a couple of blankets to add to the blanket basket; one is hanging to dry right now. I’m keeping cards and other small mementos in the plastic bin for the time being.


I had to move the bathtub to the space by the crib, where it fits perfectly:


We’re keeping the portable crib in the nursery until we have our baby to put in it, then it will go next to our bed.


The rocking chair corner:


The changing table is being used to store a lot of things. Next to it, on the left, are bins for garbage and cloth diapers.


In the closet, I like the cute little hamper, and the red bag is being used to store clothing that won’t fit yet:


One of the baskets on the changing table has newborn clothing:


Another is for bibs, burp cloths, and waterproof pads:


Another is for towels and sheets:


The fourth is for diapers:


The baskets on the TV tray to the right of the changing table are holding toiletries, miscellaneous small items, and the nursing cover, carrier, and portable changing pad. The diaper bag is underneath.DSC01801

In terms of supplies, I feel pretty ready! There are just some other to-do items I’d like to finish before I’m too exhausted and tied down to get them done, or at least to get them done as easily as I could now. Also, I’d really like to spend some time with my husband going out and doing things we won’t be able to do with a baby along, but he’s been working late almost every night and if he’s not, then I’m working. 😦 I guess we’ll have to find a babysitter!

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