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Easter – and First Words?

We had a lovely Easter weekend! A.’s parents and his brother and his wife were all visiting. First, we had a pleasant evening walk in the neighborhood – it’s looking SO beautiful right now, all pink petal frosted.


On Saturday, we went to Multnomah Falls…


Then our favorite game store, Guardian Games – where we bought a copy of Pandemic, which is a “cooperative” game where everyone plays as a team against the game. We tried it out that evening; it was fun!


Our neighbors’ beautiful trees:

IMG_0377 IMG_0380 IMG_0381

Three dogs and a baby!


I never really got together an Easter basket for Ari, but I wanted a picture of him with one, so I found A.’s old Easter basket in the basement and put some green tissue paper from a gift from Ari’s aunt and uncle in it, along with a stuffed bunny he already had. He enjoyed the tissue paper!

DSC08232 DSC08233 DSC08236 DSC08237 DSC08246

I put his sandals on him for a little while because they looked so cute:

DSC08258 DSC08259 DSC08263

Pink petals in our yard. 🙂

DSC08267 DSC08268

We hiked in Forest Park with the dogs and my lower back was killing me with the Ergo in front, so I moved it to my back and it was pretty comfortable. Here, I was pretending I was going to cross the river on a log – I would never really do that while wearing a baby!

IMG_0390 IMG_0397

When Ari fell asleep, I pulled the cover up to give his head some support:


We had a great weekend!

Oh yes, and we think Ari might be saying some first words! A.’s dad and I gave him a bath with his rubber duckies and at one point, he picked one up and we were both pretty sure he said, “Duck!” When I got home from work yesterday, A. and his parents were all saying he had been saying “duck” and “quack” – A.’s mom even said he had pointed at a picture of a chicken and said “duck.” Today, I’ve been pretty sure he’s saying “gog” while petting Andrew.

He also babbles “dada” a lot but we’re not sure he associates it with his dad. I try to get him to say “mama” but it’s not happening yet!

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