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Organics to Us!

A. and I have been wanting to eat more fruits and vegetables, especially the local and organic kind. We’ve thought about joining a CSA, but it seems like you usually have to be able to pick up your produce at a certain location at a certain time, and our work schedules aren’t consistent enough for that.

I saw a post about this food delivery company on a blog I read and got really excited about it – then I realized they’re only in Texas. But I had told A. about it, and he found Organics to You! We signed up for a delivery this week and I think we’ll be continuing it. It’s not ALL local, but for $33/week we can have a “small box” of fruits and vegetables delivered TO OUR DOOR every week. They carry other groceries you can add to your order, as well, or you can do different sizes of boxes, just fruit, or just vegetables.

Anyway, our box came today! Here it is:


Here’s what I saw when I opened it:

DSC08338 DSC08340 DSC08342

Oooh, what’s in the paper bag?




And under the mushrooms:


Strawberries underneath the greens:


Now I have a helper:

DSC08354 DSC08356DSC08357DSC08363 DSC08364

The bottom of the box:


All spread out on the table:

DSC08373 DSC08374

I think this spread would be worth the cost even without the delivery!


And – I can’t resist – these two are priceless!

DSC08392 DSC08400

6 thoughts on “Organics to Us!

  1. wow, what a load of nice looking vegetables! Your helper ❤ likes asparagus.
    I love the Ari/Andrew pictures!

    1. Sven is really sweet! Andrew really wanted to play with him (no growling or attacking him, fortunately!) but he was kind of overzealous and intimidating. I think Ginger just wanted to be left alone to track down food!

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