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Catching Up: Family Trip to 13 Months Old!

Okay I have to make this post quick! I’m so behind!

In mid-July we went on our annual family get-together with my mom’s side of the family, this time to Sunriver, Oregon. We had so much fun staying in a big house with everyone! We did biking and hiking (in caves and on mountains), swimming, river floating, brewery touring, board game playing… Ari joined us for some adventures but we also had his grandparents to watch him a lot so we did some things without him too.

It was a beautiful drive! We did it at sunset on the way down and sunrise on the way back! This picture was taken on the way down:


Ari learned that he loves watermelon! He ate a LOT of food in general and showed us that he can stab things with a fork pretty well, too!

DSC09653 DSC09654 DSC09658

Here his great grandma is reading to him:


At the very cool High Desert Museum he got to touch a snake and a tortoise! Here he is viewing some historical dioramas:

IMG_1813 IMG_1822 IMG_1861

We hiked around this crater:

IMG_1871 IMG_1875

Here he is with his grandpa pushing around his great grandma’s walker – he did a lot of that:

IMG_1922 DSC09727


IMG_1941 IMG_1980 - Version 2 IMG_1983

When we got back, we had some more river time at Thousand Acres Park!

IMG_2008 IMG_2007 IMG_2001 IMG_2020IMG_2035 IMG_2036 - Version 2 IMG_2029 IMG_2027 - Version 2 IMG_2032 IMG_2041 IMG_2043 IMG_2127

Followed by pizza at the Northeast location of Hopworks:


Ari had fun having his 13-month picture taken. He loves attacking and biting his bear and elephant! The bear was A.’s as a baby, and he says that he used to love biting its nose, too!

DSC09786 DSC09805 DSC09800 DSC09798 DSC09797 DSC09789 DSC09796DSC09790

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