2015 Vision Board – And My 100th Blog Post!

I love making a vision board at the start of the year as a way to think about what our goals are, represent them visually, and create something we can look at throughout the year to remind ourselves what we wanted to focus on.

Here is this year’s board:


There is a calm and peaceful bedroom, an intention for sleep, self care, reading, enjoying a cup of tea, meditation (and yoga, but I didn’t get a picture of that exactly), writing, canning food, speaking up more, bicycle commuting, eating well, growing artichokes, continuing in my career progression toward being an “expert” nurse, possibly taking a class (studying and working with the laptop), keeping up with the dishes regularly, playing games and getting together with friends and family, rafting, a little balance bike for Ari, paragliding for A., swimming for Ari, camping, visiting the Bay Area (done!), taking a trip (or trips) north by train, Ari’s first dentist appointment (scheduled!), a picture of a bag I like (and picnicking!), and possibly getting pregnant!

I feel good about it. The pictures and words on the board make me feel happy!

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